The borders  of Czech state provide for centuries a distinct, unchangeable shape to this country.  However, even this traditional and proven  statement is not free of contextual layers and varying meanings.  This small country in the heart of Europe documents how its borders as  expression of stability  have been and are at the  same time ever-changing, evolving  and  transitional.Political, geographical and psychological borders: they have always influenced each other. In today´s world, borders are also changing their meanings.  The physical borders are disappearing,  psychological borders are growing stronger.

Thus, the aim of  our European semester is to concentrate on the changing borders of the world (political, geographical and psychological) and to examine their mutual  influences.


The Union of Psychologists Associations of the Czech Republic

The Union of Psychologists Associations in the Czech Republic (UPA CR) was founded in 1995. The aim of the Union is to represent and defend the interests of and to coordinate the activities of psychologists associated in the societies (associations) according to their respective psychological specialisations, to work towards the legal establishment of a psychological corporation, to protect the public from the damage that can be caused by unqualified or incompetent individuals or organisations in the field of practical psychological work.

Contact:  Veronika Anna Polišenská,